Illustration for Artica by Mark Larochelle


Cover for SciPhi journal Autumn 2022

Helsingborg 2035

Illustration for Helsingborg 2035


Illustration for Artica by Mark Larochelle

Bell Alliant tower

Illustration for Artica by Mark Larochelle

Discovery of the ESFS best SF magazine 2022 award

Cover SciPhi Journal june 2022

Food forest / University Library

Illustration for Artica by Mark Larochelle

Illustration for the book Office Shock

Office Shock, by Joseph Press (IFTV)

Solarpunk city

A commissioned work for ERA 21

Solarcastle DAO

A commissioned work for a DAO focused on a medieval castle in France.

Nuremberg: retrofitted street

A before after sketch: A make-over of a typical suburban street of the German city Nuremberg

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Ghent: repurposing offices

A before after sketch: Intentional community for an industrial area

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The Pavilion House

A small comic I made based on a description written by Eric Hunting

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What if Osho wasn't chased away?

Cover spring edition Sci Phi Journal

Floating city design

Illustration ER storytelling showcase

"The tides rolled in "

Retrofitted city

Illustration ER storytelling showcase

"Old man and the bird "

Linear city - winterscene

(Cover SciPhi journal winter 2021)

Repurposed office building

(Cover SciPhi journal autumn 2021)

H2O city

(un-commissioned work)

Contour-terraced city

(Cover Solarpunk: design ed estetica industriale)