Erasmuscon Rotterdam art Exhibition

Postillion Hotel Rotterdam

16/8 - 19/8/2024

I am happy to announce that six of my pieces will be on display at the Erasmuscon art exhibition held at the Rotterdam WTC Convention Centre.

FZ continuum 

Erasmuscon Edition

I'm excited to share that my artwork, titled "The Transition of a City," will be featured in a fantastic magazine filled with stunning art and captivating stories! Many of the talented artists and writers from the magazine will be attending Erasmuscon in Rotterdam. You can order your copy of the magazine from the FantaSize website.

International exhibition of EcoSocial art


2/8 - 23/8/2024

ALL POWER ON EARTH COMES FROM THE SUN,is a field sampling of contemporary ecosocial art. This international group exhibition, showcasing the work of over 60 artists and collectives from 7 countries, will be held at Bolivar Gallery within the UK School of Art and Visual Studies (SAVS) in Lexington, Kentucky, from Friday, August 2nd to Friday, August 23rd.

Exhibition 19/3 - 8/5/2024

I was given the chance to hold an exhibition at the Liszt Institute in Brussels, organized by the institute's team in collaboration with Sci Phi Journal. During the event, I took part in a panel discussion and led a guided tour. Here are some pictures from the event.

XR Solarpunk storytelling

I helped illustrating some beautiful Solarpunk stories. You can see the illustrations and read the stories here:

A conversation with Andrew, who hosts the excellent YouTube channel Andrewism. Andrew his work is truly inspiring to me so it was an honour to do this conversation.

Conversation with Andrewism

ETH Prague

It was a great experience to be one of the speakers on ETH Prague. I discussed my artworks and gave a talk about more reslient and sustainable futures. The talk has been recorded and can be watched here:

Last year I got the chance to make two illustrations for Office Shock, a book about the future of working and living. Finally in 2023 it was published. Learn more about it on the website of the "Institute for the future". You can find the illustration in the "futurism art gallery" as well.

Office Shock

After the first succesfull 'Solarpunk Nomadism' exhibition, a second exhibition has been organized. I made this artwork and story about the Golo-bike.

Solarpunk Nomadism Exhibition Part 2

Winter cover SciPHi Journal

+article about artificial intelligence

This cover is about the theme of the winter edition: Artificial Intelligence. I am proud to annouce that I published my first written article as well: "Would Da Vinci paint with AI? - reflections on Art and Artificial Intelligence".

You can read it here:

 Autumn cover SciPhi Journal

For this cover we recycled one of my older drawings from Universitas. A look on a sky city!

Earthbasedsoul partnered with Gitcoin to organize this superb exhibition about solarpunk nomadism. It is an ongoing project. I made a comic about solarpunk nomadism, it can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

The exhibition launched in september 2022 as a VR exhbition.

Solarpunk Nomadism Exhibition

Congrats SciPhi Journal for winning the award for best European Science Fiction magazine. To celebrate this great moment I made this B&W cover of archeologists finding the award in a distant future in Brussels.

Cover SciPhi Journal summer edition

 Anxiety and alienation

Navigating Your Relationships in an Age of Climate Crisis.

A great article about eco-anxiety and alienation, written by Neil Simpson for Extinction Rebellion Global blog.

I tried to translate these feelings into illustrations.

A day of global conversation on Solarpunk, a movement and a subgenre of speculative fiction in which humanity has addressed climate change. It is an online event.

I was part of the artist panel.

You can watch the entire discussion on YouTube!


Click to enlarge

 Solarpunk article ERA 21

ERA 21, a Czech architecture magazine commissioned an illustration of a Solarpunk city. You can check it out on their website and order this April issue online.

The artwork I made for Chris Muscato, the tides rolled in, is published in the new Shoreline of Infinity.

 Shoreline of Infinity - Spring edition

 Cover for the spring issue of Sci Phi journal

This spring edition is about alternative histories. The cover shows the twin towers. People meditating in the front are followers of spiritual guru, Osho. What if the West had been more open to others and what if politics would have been less imperialistic? What if they did not chase Osho away? Perhaps the world would have looked differently.

Check the site and pdf for the cover and all the great alternative history stories.

The XR Wordsmiths Solarpunk Storytelling Showcase is Extinction Rebellion’s first global short story contest for all ages. I made an illustration for two of the winning stories.

- The old man and the bird by Aël Magnard

- The tides rolled in by Chris Muscato

You can see both illustrations in detail in the futurism gallery.

Extinction Rebellion Solarpunk storytelling

 Live Solarpunk exhibition & auction

Gitcoin DAO & IRL Art present a Solarpunk auction @ the Ethereum Denver event. Each auctioned artwork is available as an NFT. The SeaShell buildings artwork is part of the collection. Bidding possible from 17 till 20th februari.

Cover for the winter issue of Sci Phi journal

A special winter-edition cover. The cover certainly has a Solarpunk vibe! It shows the linear city. Check the site and pdf for the cover and the great stories.

 Winner Solarpunk art contest by Yishan Wong

This drawing was selected as one of the ten winning entries for a great Solarpunk art contest organized by Yishan Wong.

Check out the amazing art from the other winners and runner ups!

Cover for the autumn issue of Sci Phi journal

Nice article about Solarpunk in Sci Phi journal. The cover accompanies the article. It shows how we can retrofit classical industrial, architectural landmarks, such as the office.

Out now: Solarpunk, design ed estetica postindustriale

The Italian translation of  "Solarpunk: Postindustrial design and aesthetics" is out now, since September 2021.

The book can be ordered on Amazon and the website of the publisher Future Fiction.

Exhibition Herkenrode Abbey

by Kunzthuis

In the weekend of the 17th-19th September Kunzthuis hosted a group exhibition in the lovely Abbey of Herkenrode. The topic was "fables". Three works of the "Time & Objects" collection were shown there.


Driftwood literary magazine issue 8.2

The latest issue from the Drifwood literary magazine is online now. You can read the magazine by clicking on the link underneath. It will be available for free online till january 2022! You can see 7 full pages with art of my Solarpunk Universitas work.

Check it out: The new SolarPunk-Permaculture podcast with an interview with me about SolarPunk aesthetics.

The SolarPunk Permaculture Podcast seeks to forge the powerful narrative force of the SolarPunk movement with the ethics and design principles that underpin Permaculture.

SolarPunk permaculture podcast

by Sam Betteridge

CO-NATURE workshop - Brussels Coopcity

Co-Nature is a research project, it is a collaboration between the ULB and VUB together with Bruxelles Environnement and BMA bouwmeester maître architecte. Their aim is to co-produce scenarios for nature-based urban regeneration.

My contribution about the cooperative city is available on the Co-Nature site. An illustrated story about landuse.

 Article Interaliamagzine

Issue 64: Navigating New Territories

Navigating New Territories explores such subjects as Affinities between Art and Science, environmental arts and health, the future of AI in art and space exploration, solarpunk future cities, bird migration, and the potential of a brand new physics.


The entire art project Universitas, now available in 1 hard copy art book, entitled: UNIVERSITAS: Solarpunk Aesthetics 

The book is meant as an inspiration book in which different types of settlements and futuristic ideas are explored. The book counts more than 100 full color illustrations and some explanatory texts. More to be found on the project website

Solarpunk: Postindustrial design & aesthetics

Written by Eric Hunting / illustrations Dustin Jacobus

Excerpt form the introduction: In recent years a futurist aesthetic movement called Solarpunk has emerged in response to renewed public concern for the environment and a seeming lack of reflection of that concern in much contemporary art and design.

But how to characterize this aesthetic? How to portray it? In this piece we will present some suggestions as to the nature of this future and the principles — with their reasoning — that go into the speculative design of its artifacts and architecture. These can only be suggestions. One cannot accurately predict the future nor can the interpretation of trends and influences on it be definitive. The futurist can, at best, capture the theme of the tune. Lyrics remain a toss-up.